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City information

Welcome to Herning!

Herning is a relatively young city, which has developed over the last 150 years from a farming community and crossroads in the middle of the Jutland heathland to a locomotive for development, education, trade fairs, culture and major events within sports and music.

For many years, Herning was known as the capital of heath. In 1913, Herning became a market town and developed what would become the most prominent textile industry in Denmark. Today, the city of Herning offers a wide range of education and training and with Herning’s wide range of industrial enterprises, financial jobs and craft- and service trades, Herning has become leaders in the development of the western part of the region.

The city of Herning is situated in the centre of Jutland and several main roads are crossing Herning, this underlines the status of Herning as a bridge-building city. Nowadays, the city appears as a modern and dynamic link between the western and eastern parts of Jutland.

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Herning has a great tradition and experience with sport events

Herning has more than 25,000 active athletes being members of more than 100 sport clubs. The municipality gives high priority to sports facilities for elite athletes as well as the athletes within sports for all. Herning is mostly famous for its handball, soccer, hockey and cycling. Even though swimming is not one of the sports that Herning is famous for, the event will enjoy a huge support and great enthusiasm from the sporty locals of Herning.

Hosting the LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships 2013 will follow the hosting of Badminton EC (2008), Wrestling WC (2009), Handball EC (2010), Football UEFA Under21 (2011), Giro d’Italia Start 2012, Table Tennis EC 2012, Horse jumping and Dressage EC (2013) and Volleyball EC (2013) and the City of Herning is ready to make this a great event.

During the European SC Championships in Herning, there will be city dressing and activities throughout the city. It is widely recognized that the city of Herning does a lot to secure that the event will be better than what you expected.