Fast track your California auto insurance claims

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Everyone thinks they have the very best California auto insurance available under their belts when they are zooming around our beautiful highways and roads system, but many people (unfortunately) discover that their insurance isn’t quite as top shelf as they had been led to believe once the claims process begins.

You see, almost every single one of the California auto insurance companies, like, process insurance claims differently than every other, which can cause a world of headache and hassle for those that are used to doing things one way but find out that their insurance company handles things completely differently.

Luckily, there are some universal things you can do to dramatically speed up and fast track the California auto insurance claims process, really taking control of the situation and helping to move things along more expeditiously so that you get the results you’re after with little headache, hassle, or delay.

Let’s dive right in!

Get all of your documents in order ahead of time

One of the very first things you’re going to want to do after you’ve been in an accident or incident that requires you to contact your California auto insurance company is to get all of your documents in order (and organized) before you even put in a call.

This is going to allow you to have all of the relevant information (and probably a lot of information that isn’t so relevant to this particular situation) on hand, giving you the ability to immediately inform your California auto insurance agent about the specifics of your case.

There’s nothing worse than having to hunt and search for documents that you know you need. Take care of this ahead of time.

Always send things certified mail

While there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with sending your insurance company emails, faxes, or standard mail, if you want to be 100% sure that your documents or your important information is reaching your California auto insurance company – and that they have it in their possession – you’ll want to send everything you can be a certified mail.

Now, there are probably going to be some circumstances where this doesn’t make the most sense in the world and you’ll want to try a different delivery system, but it’s not even a bad idea to use the certified mail delivery as a redundant system just to be sure that you are covering all of your bases.

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